South Asian Minorities Writer Association Italy.(samwa)
A forum of Writers,Poets,Critics,Intellectuals,Authors , Scholars, Journalists and Social Workers, ‎

‎• To seek harmony among the Minorities Writer,Social workers and community.
‎• To introduce the problems of Asian minorities writer on national and international level by publishing books ‎into local and other languages.
‎• To provide sufficient aid to the Minorities Writer to come in contact and exchange information and views ‎with each other from the all parts of the world.
‎• To provide the opportunity to reach our ideas and views to the four corners of the world through the ‎SAMWA.
‎• To help each other in the time of hardship.
‎• To organizes and conducts seminars, workshops on the basic rights of the Minorities writer and world ‎classic and modern literature.
‎• To cooperate, network and collaborate with national and international organizations engaged in similar ‎work.
‎• To honour Minority writers, scholars, intellectual, poets, authors,Critics, Journalists and Social workers ‎and with cash prize and awards.
SAMWA is a non government, non profitable and non political association.

Office bearer:

Founder Chairperson and president: Jeem phey Ghauri
‎( Italy)1984.‎
President for Europe: Naeem Waiz (UK)
President for South Asia: Younas Waryam ( Pakistan)
President for U.S.A: Yousaf Parwaz (USA)
‎*SAMWA is not responsible for views/ posts/ and comments expressed by our members in this site. ‎